Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016 Bull Sales Kick Off!!

It's been a while............
Since the last update, that means the rest of 2015 were busy with things other than cattle related.
Perhaps the major event from the last fall to winter was I replaced my good old F-150........ It had gone so many miles on highways, dirt-roads, ranches & farms, and many other obstacles (such as cowpies!!) in Montana, Nevada, California, Washington, Wyoming, and Kansas (where I actually conducted AI programs).
Then my new rig is actually the F-150 with the same style and same year but half the mileage and in the different color. Within my budget, this was the best buy plus I know this truck by heart!!
It did inherit predecessor's attitude!! You can again spot me on any ranch roads!!
Now in 2016, and as February rolls, I feel I'm back to my annual cycle with cattle breeding industry.

February 8th, the first major bull sale of the year was held at Felton Angus Ranch in Springdale, MT with great folks and crowds. I again joined the event as a crewmember. Before we got started, we enjoyed some of the best lunch!!

I helped sorting and sending bulls in the sale order. It was somewhat windy - no surprising in this area - but very nice and sunny day for February. Good to be working outside!
We sorted and sent in two groups of heifers and we completed our mission!
They had another great sale! I'm very happy to be a part of production!

February 15th, I headed east to Billings Livestock Commission. I visited Bulls of Big Sky Sale, consigning mainly Simmental and SimAngus. Venue, sale, and breed, all for the first time.

It was a very good opportunity to see and learn new venue and breed.
I will visit some more sales in the area!

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