Monday, June 8, 2015

Branding & Breeding

I just got back from the road. Felton Angus Ranch offered me another breeding season as well as great time hanging at their ranch.

I first visited Springdale Ranch, about 20 minutes/miles driving eastward from Livingston. In between AM-PM breeding & heat-detection, I helped out the annual branding. It's been a great while, since my path changed from cowboy to breeder, that I did this line of work!!

Ranch top-hand Remington kept the iron hot and the table rolling!
Applying tattoos on both ears is a very important for ID purposes. Also it's as physical as rest of the labors!
I was a "pusher".
Then I drove to Tongue River Ranch, somewhere between Miles City and Ashland, MT.
Along the way, I had a couple of businesses in Billings, MT. I badly needed a pair of work-boots. I needed a pair that would be nothing fancy but a regular pair then with practical features. I also bought a good pair of insoles. I liked the new set-up immediately!!
We applied this synch protocol.

Right after my arrival, yearling heifers were responding very well to the synchronized protocol, actually way better than we typically experience, I sorted them off for the breeding of following day.

Evening sorting with Rich Felton.
Over all, ONLY 20 heifers didn't show signs of estrus out of 145 heifers we treated. I'd like to say and count it as some of the BEST responses we can have!!
On Day 2, we bred 90 heifers!! - I did my best and hope for the best results. That means, the ranch will anticipate a super concentrated calving period in 9-month later!!??

By the way, this trash-bag holder made by the frame of old camp-chair was proven to work very well!!
Somehow baby bunnies were hanging around my truck..............

Whenever we work at ranches with cattle, accidents can happen any time. I was sorting heifers on my own. Somehow, I mean really somehow, I smashed my own finger withe the gate handle by my own actions! But then, you know, being Lefty, my right arm goes into cows and heifers, so I could get all the AI done with my best just as always!!  It's been feeling well, good enough to type this blog update!!
Weather remained very well through branding and breeding.
This time of year is always busy and intense. But also, it's the time that I work with great people at their ranches. I hope grass will grow tall and green through summer. Then I hope to hear that heifers and cows I have just bred will produce next generations!!

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