Saturday, March 7, 2015

2015 Season

I may have to start with "Happy New Year!!" for this site's sake....... I've been away a while. Yes, it's the off season for AI but also I've been busy with my other profession, if not another alias, LEFTY ANGLER through the winter (even now). Long story short, now I'm a MT fly-fishing Outfitter.
My schedule to visit bull sales is limited but also, from past experience, I now have favorite sales to visit and worth driving all the way. 
My season, as well as many Angus ranchers in the country, started with the first major sale in the area = Felton Angus Ranch sale on February 9th at their ranch in Sprindale, MT. 
 It was an OK weather. At least nobody in the area complained, compared to the same period of last year!
 Lots of people visited!!
 I was again a back-crew so I really didn't see the auction but I know they had perhaps the best sale!
On March 7, I visited Bulls of The Bitterroot sale with good friends. It's a bit different country from Galltin/Yellowstone Country, as Montana is diverse, but surely it's a nice cow-country.
 Jim Felton examining his potential match.
 He again won the highest bid = the best bull of the sale.

My next schedule is Midland Bull Test (Angus sale on April 3). See you at the sale barn!

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