Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last Project & Year Review of 2014

I was again called from Felton Angus Ranch. This time, it was to work on their Fall calving group = winter breeding! Working for seasonal professions (beef cattle breeder, fly-fishing guide, and fly-dresser), job orders tend to be slim during winter/cold months...... So this project was greatly appreciated!

I again hit the road to their Tongue River division in Ashland, MT. When I got there, it was still during the warm spell. However, the first lesson was: Darkness = night comes abruptly this time of year. When I saw the sun was setting in the west, it was so short & quick till I lose the light. That expands to the second lesson: Black cattle are hard to see in the dark!!
We had good responses to our synchronization protocol. Then on Day 3 cold weather was approaching.......
 Day 4, back to winter!!
It was a very good end of the season. Over all, my business has grown, compared to 2013!!!! As an AI technician, my skills & feels have been better than ever. Perhaps even getting sharper. Also this year, as a business manager, I did really well!! I didn't make a gazillion dollars but I'm sure my operation is heading to a right direction, just as I hoped when I founded. But then again, I can't thank enough all the customers and crews who worked with me and made this happen. THANK YOU! & Merry Christmas!

Last but not the least, I just devised a trash bag stand with the old camp-chair. This will be very handy!! Right along the working chute!! Even indoors? You'll see this next year!!

I wish all of you Happy X'mas and Happy New Year!!
I will see you at the end of dirt road next year!!

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