Sunday, June 15, 2014

End of AI Season

Well, it's been fast and intense........ AI season here in SW Montana is as intense and short as fly-fishing guide services............. As of this weekend, I have gladly wrapped up the second year in business!! (I will be available for winter breeding/fall herd toward the end of the year but that will be a while).

After the last post about "on the road", my projects were home-based. I had two projects at Felton Angus Ranch ( in Sprindale. It was mostly nice weather but there were several cold mornings (even as of this typing).

Why aren't there any pictures with me breeding etc? We were busy running cows in the chute. Plus, it's really nothing new but routine that I've been doing for a long time.

Little by little yet surely, my business is growing!! I felt strongly so through this second season.
Then again, without customers'/ranchers' collaborations and loyalty, this wouldn't be happening. I really appreciate all the people who have worked with me.

My old super-faded Carhartt will be worn next year too!!
New sorting flag!!

As I am wrapping up my season, ranchers are sending their cows and heifers to summer pastures with bulls taking over my job. Depending on operations, haying season has just begun too.

I'm shifting into my other profession in SW Montana = fly-fishing guide from now till it ends (October or even in November). Winter snow accumulation, daily weather, and many other Mother Nature affect fly-fishing just as in ranching. I'm very proud of that both of my professions are deeply involved in and interacted with Montana and people who live here!

For next several months, you will see me driving the same truck, oftentimes towing a driftboat, around here. I will see you around.
Thank you again for all of your customer loyalty and collaborations!!

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