Friday, April 4, 2014

Midland Sale 2014

Spring has come!
Today I visited the annual performance bull sale at Midland Bull Test ( in Columbus, MT. I don't think I'm totally wrong to call this "All Star Event". It's a 3-day long sale and is the biggest one around here. They show all the major beef breeds with Angus being the dominant. Then list of consignors include from individuals who maintain certain pedigree and offer a few to several bulls to big ranches who have their own sales yet submit certain bulls for this event. Also this can be the important meeting place for industry personnel, such as myself.

Today, Day 3 was Angus Day. Apparently Angus is the most popular and dominant breed among Montana ranches. Hence, there were lots of Angus ranchers, both commercial and registered herds.

Just as seen from my spot...... This is a huge event for auctioneers and sale-representatives in the area as well as for ranchers!!

This marks the end of "Master Breeder Propaganda Tour" for 2014.
I'm discussing upcoming schedules and plans for next 2 months with people I work with. It will be another great busy season!!
See you at the end of gravel road!!

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