Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Bull Sale Tour

My bull sale visits = aka "Master Breeder Propaganda Tour" = is going on. This year, based on the last year's experience, I have planned the same sales I'd like to visit again and others I pass. Then I have added new destinations.

I visited Hyline Van Dyke Angus sale, just as last year. This was actually on February 28th, the day before the BLIZZARD!!
With my good friend Jim Felton. He seemed to have invented a new head gear for the cold weather.........

This was not my call but Jim asked me to see if I want to go "Bulls of Bitterroot Sale" in Stevensville, MT. I says "sure!!"
He had something or "someone" in his mind...........
Bitterroot Valley is a lot different from Paradise Valley (fishing can be as good, I bet!!). It was a nice day for a long drive and being outside.

Bidding started....... The very first bull = Lot #1 = was Jim's soul-mate....... With some intense bidding (or sales?) tactics and some nervous moments, he won. The bull he won over would be perhaps the best bull (with too much expecting future on his shoulders) walking in Montana, if not in entire US. If you are interested in the bull and semen availability, or progeny availability in the near future!, check with Felton Angus Ranch (

I visited "Southwest Montana Angus Association Bull Sale" held at Montana Livestock Auction Yard in Butte (Ramsay).

Though being 120 miles away, there actually were lots of sellers and buyers from Gallatin County. Indeed very local!!

There are a couple more sales I'm thinking to visit till early April. Spot me in my "company uniform"!!

EAT Corned Beef & Cabbage!! to close this post!!

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