Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Season Starts

First week of February was brutally cold. But cows have started giving birth in some operations and our schedules need be going. It's the season when I start visiting bull sales around here to meet local ranchers and learn "genetic" trends.

There are things I learned from last year. There are several changes but also others that remain the same. One of good things that remain the same is that Felton Angus Ranch (www.feltonangus.com) bull sale is the first one in the area and the first one for me to visit.
Check out the recent episode at The American Rancher.

I totally agree with their concept: "Working Bulls for Working Class Rancher".

Last weekend (8th & 9th), brutal coldness loosened its grip; warm enough for me to go fishing!! We were expecting some more improvements on Monday, 10th. It remained cold but comfortably so. Perhaps the most importantly, we didn't have bone-chilling winds, which are typical around here. Bulls were ready for their big day!

Just before the sale begins, we were treated with perhaps the best lunch at the sale around here. Honestly this was beyond the level of "complementary lunch" but the "real meal on the menu"!!

This time, instead of being an observer, I joined to "The Crew" who actually keep the sale up and running efficiently. If you have even a few experience in this kind of work, you would get a picture about where I was and what I did. Anyway we "The Crew" ran the chute with great concentration and preciseness so this was the only picture I could snap!

Sale seemed to have gone well. I could tell from expressions = happy smiles = of ranchers who had purchased bulls.
Last but not the least, I was "publicized" in their sale catalog: just a scene from my contribution of breeding their yearling heifers last spring.

So it was a good start of the season for me as well as for ranchers around here. I plan to visit some more bull sales around here for next two months. I will see you there!

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