Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back 2013 - The 1st Year in Business

Merry (Late.....) Christmas!! & Happy New Year!!
Yes, it's been a while for me to work on this site. Not because I'm lazy but this is exactly due to the nature of "seasonal business".
From late June till the end of October, I was working as a fly-fishing guide around here in Livingston-Bozeman area. I didn't have any inquiries or jobs for "winter-breeding" this year. If it were to have been done in early December (calving planned in next September), I have to say, I'm glad I hadn't done!! We had SUPER cold days in early December!! I hope all of your cows were fed and got through the weather. Talking about the weather, I'd like to state my sincere condolences to the loss of "Atlas" Storm in South Dakota.  It was very devastating. South Dakota is one of the biggest beef-producing states and I have bred numbers of cows in the area. I hope ranches will recover in the near future. In middle of December, I visited Montana Stockgrowers Association Annual Tradeshow in Billings, MT. But I didn't run a booth this year.

So how was my business and what do I feel for the first year with my own operation?
I'd like to say it's been good and I enjoyed it!!
I didn't make "gazillions" of income but all the process from last year this time till this June was very meaningful. Yes, I'm working on someone's cows and my job is to get them pregnant. But, the most important factors are PEOPLE and INTERACTION. From bull-sale "pilgrimage" to actual breeding, I've met and talked with various people and been blessed to work with good people. Of course I want to develop some reputation for my expertise and experience, but the first and foremost, I want to belong to the community; cattle industry and as a person. In that regard, I have had the best start!!

As for myself, in a good way & to be honest, nothing really new to mention. I just conducted my routines and expertise as I have always done. How many jobs I would get is always a "guess-work". But my performance and knowledge shouldn't be a "guess-work" but a "sure-work". And those were proven to be right and gave me confidence and reassured that my operation is on the right track. Again this doesn't really surprise me considering all of my experience. But then again, I will never forget my clients who gave me opportunities.

Although I'm only a part of it, I'm very proud of and happy with what I do in one of the best cow-countries in Montana (or entire US). Severe winter around here means big snow-packs. This may be a cure for the drought of past two seasons. I hope all of your cows are happily fed and calves will be happy to come out to this world soon. I will start to visit bull-sales around here once the season starts. I will see you around!! Happy New Year!!

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