Monday, September 9, 2013


It's been a while for me to work on this site......., which means I'm getting some time off from my other profession; fly-fishing guide.
Soon I will get back to Master Breeder and beef industry side (or work on guiding, tying flies, and all together simultaneously - this seems what would most likely to happen.......) but I haven't exactly planned schedules or things yet. There are some year-end conventions, trade-show, meetings, fall-female sales, some winter-breeding projects, etc............. Bottom-line; I will be around!!

THANK YOU for joining my Facebook page. My most favored & visited post was "EAT BEEF" sticker. I got the sticker at a booth during Montana Stockgrowers Annual Convention a couple of years ago. It's been successfully attached on my truck bumper since then.
Funniest thing is: my fishing clients and Yellowstone Park visitors (at parking lots) spot this bumper sticker and find it amusing and LOVE IT!! They take pictures, really!! I'm proud to be involved in Montana beef production!!

Several people have asked me where I had gotten and how they could get one. I wanted one myself for my drift-boat too!! I couldn't remember who or which organization was running the booth. Yet through some connections and leads at Facebook, I have learned stickers are from Montana Beef Council. Now I recall I was eating snacks and samples at their booth.......... I asked them to see if they can offer me extra stickers for my own use and so I can provide to my breeding customers and friends in production. They kindly sent me bundles!! Mighty THANKS for MBC!!
I have received other than "EAT BEEF", which would probably be more known in general public.
And here it is!!
I have successfully attached on my drift-boat as a proud beef cattle breeder in Montana!! And check out where "EAT BEEF" is attached as well. Of course I serve some great beef menu for lunches during guided fishing trips!! 100% Beef brats and my famous burgers, that I cook along rivers, are greatly favored and appreciated by my fishing clients too!!
I was given extra stickers so I can provide to my customers and friends. Let me know if you are interested in. I will deliver to you!!

That's all for now. Whenever I make plans and decisions, I keep you updated at here and Facebook. Enjoy the glorious fall, everyone!!

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