Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Into June

My first year as Master Breeder keeps going on and gets into June, the busiest time for ranchers and their cows. I have received a breeding project with Felton Angus Ranch (www.feltonangus.com) in Springdale, MT, which is a small community just east of Livingston. Current owner/manger Jim and I went to Montana State University - Bozeman Animal Science just about the same time. I visited their bull sale in this February too. Felton Ranch is one of the oldest ranches around here and their Angus bulls are highly demanded by both purebred and commercial ranchers from local to all over US!! Mark a day on your calenders for Felton sale next year!!

I introduced myself to my co-workers/competitors at the ranch. Befriended(?) is THE Famous Wide Track 4401 (click HERD SIRES).

We planned and synchronized just right!!

 Jim and Remington were working on the front side while I was working on "the other end".

It was great pleasures to work with a local rancher (and a friend, of course). Working with nearby local ranches is one of my primary reasons that I decided to start Master Breeder.
My job is, put it simply, to visit ranches/farms and conduct artificial insemination on cows. However, without working together with people there, great jobs/best results won't be achieved. I really appreciate Felton crew and family for working with me. Hopefully someday soon heifers I worked on bulls I sired will be on Felton sales. I'd really like to develop good working relationship with local ranches. It will start from here!!

I have about 3 more weeks to run Master Breeder for the season. See you along the dirt road!!

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