Sunday, May 5, 2013

Master Breeder on The Job

Finally season has come. Breeding season 2013, the first season since Master Breeder establishment, has just started. I am getting several job lined up and several more inquiries on calender. Apparently the scariest matter when starting a new business is nothing but "if I can ever get clients"........ I guess I'm on right track!
I got the first job offered by Montana State University Animal Science, where my heart always belong!!(??) It's been a while, probably a decade!!, since last time I was there........ There are some changes and improvements. Apparently buildings/facilities names got changed..........

This is my Masterful set up of my tools!!

I've been going through a group of yearling heifers. They are responding to our synchronization!

ESTROTECT is one of most handy estrous detection aids in the market!
I know!! I take care all of you tomorrow morning!!

Air temperature seems cooler for this time of the year around here. Snow melts in mountains haven't really started yet. That means we should have enough irrigation water for summer months. Good for pastures and hay production. Besides, cold spell in late April definitely added extra moisture!!
Master Breeder will be traveling all through Montana till the end of June.
If you see this sticker on the bumper of White F-150, that must be me!!
See you along the dirt road!!

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