Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Sale at Midland Bull Test

Today, I visited the last of the spring bull sale around here (for me), Midland Bull Test in Columbus, MT. Their reputations need not explained from me. I heard this year makes their memorial 50TH YEAR!! It's a 3-DAY sales for 8 breeds. WOW! Combining all, it would probably be the biggest sale event in Montana. Today, 5th, was the day for only Angus bulls, which is arguably the most dominant/popular breed in Montana. It was OVER 400 head!! No wonder there are lots of bidders and visitors all over the states. Also there are lots of ranchers (bull owners, I mean) from other states who had brought their bulls into this facility. That really explains Midland's reputations.

Their facility is just off from the town of Columbus. One can't miss the ROOF! (no signs needed!!)

It was cloudy and windy outside was HOT!

Right after the sale started at 11AM, I could barely got a spot to watch the screen.

 I could barely take a look of auction ring.

As ranchers bid for what they wanted and left the seat, I could get in closer.
Finally I got a good seat!!

Whole crew was working very hard to keep bulls running. And whole event was very hospitable with their great foods and drinks (I greatly appreciated as now is off-season for both breeding and guiding.......). I could visit with lots of people and talked about our industry and production (my breeding business asides, of course).

Well, breeding season is just around the corner. I'd like to work as hard as these bulls I've been seeing at sales, or even harder!! I'd like to have some competitions against real bulls about speed and accuracy of breeding!!

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