Monday, March 25, 2013

Reds around Manhattan

Mater Breeder's bull-sale visit schedule is coming to the end for the season. Last week and today, I visited Red Angus auctions at ranches around Manhattan, MT.

Tuesday, 19th, I visited Green Mountain Red Angus in Logan (next small town from Manhattan). I was at probably the best seat for both checking bulls and, well, bids!!

Thursday 21st, Klompien Red Angus held their first ever sale in a feedlot, just south from Manhattan.
Today, 25th, I visited Feddes & C-T Red Angus Ranches Joint Sales. This is the biggest Red sales around here along with registered and commercial heifers. Manhattan could be considered just a suburb of Bozeman nowadays, but as you can see, it's quite a cow-country!!

I'm getting used to auctions with videos (without bulls actually running in & out).

This is pretty much the last sales in my area where I mainly conduct my business. Since my first visit at Felton Angus sale, all sales have been fun to be around and meaningful to meet good people. I am always learning and catching up with industry. Bull sales are places to hear real voices of ranchers (both seedstock and commercial).
I might see some of these ranchers along the way, more precisely, along "gravel roads"!! and would like to help out anything about reproduction.
Good Luck Breedin'!!

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