Thursday, February 28, 2013

Show My Business

My trips to local bull sales continue. It's been great. Every ranch has been offering best of their bulls and welcoming visitors with Montana hospitality.

I have come to know and greet auctioneers, sales representatives, and, not to mention, local ranchers. Without any effort, I stand out!? Then I was thinking of an idea......... Since I've been visiting as my business purposes, I have come to need "uniform" to express myself and my business. I talked to a local embroider shop. I wish I could have the logo done but I didn't have time. Yet, I'm really happy with what was done.
My Wrangler jacket has been embroidered on both chest and back.

On my favorite vest too!!

If you find me somewhere at bull sales or whenever I'm wearing this, now you don't have to wonder "Who's this Japanese cowboy? and what's he doing?"

Probably I should have ear-tags on both ears, like bulls, with my phone-numbers and email address?
See you along the trail!

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