Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Page & New Infomation

I've been shaping up my business schedule as we entered a new year.
I just added a new Page (= tab) on top, "Covering Area". Please refer for more details. Consequently I made a little update on "Services & Rates" as well.
I decided to "draw the line" for the area I can cover during breeding season (by mainly one-man operation). With practicality in mind (fuel cost, driving distance & duration, one ranch to next, and so forth), this is the area I can cover and focus from Livingston.
Keyword is: 2-hour & 120-mile one way from Livingston.
Within this area, my trip cost would be reasonable and my driving (arrival and other schedules) is very predictable.

I believe setting area like this will be fair and clear for each party. Destinations out of this area require extra fuel cost. Also the longer the distance, the more possibility that I may face unpredictable events along the way (such as constructions, sudden road/weather condition changes, etc.), that delay my arrival.
See you along dirt-roads and roadhouse cafes!

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