Saturday, January 19, 2013

MAGIE - Great Falls

MAGIE = Montana Agriculture & Industrial Expo
As an Owner-CEO-Breeder of this operation, I decided to drive 3-hour one-way to visit another big Ag related trade show in Montana. It was big! Lots of people visited and enjoyed each vendor's booth!!

Outside, those large equipment that couldn't get inside were displayed. This facility reminds me of my jobs in South Dakota and crews there........

Since I don't come this way just for sightseeing (something not related to fly-fishing and cattle breeding, I mean!!), I might as well dropped by C.M. Russell Museum.  It's been 12 YEARS since I last visited!! Mr. Russell is the history & pride of Montana in my opinion.
 Inside, photographs are prohibited so I snapped outside.

 Here's the new addition to my shotgrass collection!!

I hear some ranches have just started calving!! Breeding season = spring seems right there! I'd better get ready!
Like Stockgrowers Meeting, MAGIE will be my annual visit!! See you out there!!

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