Services & Rates

FREE Consultation: If you intend to hire me and discuss plans in advance, I will visit your places just to say hi (your bill is hot coffeeJ).  We will discuss Synch program, facility, labor, date, cost, bulls, etc.

Work Philosophy & Service Limitation: I’m not asking a “cowboy day-work”. I’m specialized in breeding (AI, semen preparation, and procedures along the way).  My work/service ethic is “I visit your place and work with you”.  So I expect you to be involved in injections, heat detection, sorting, chute-works, and other labors with me as part of your ranch chores on those days.  If none of you are available or if you want me to assemble crews, I bring workers I can rely on with extra charges.  This is why we need to discuss our plans and surroundings in advance.  My main charge is definitely “ARM” = AI. From there I take care of my own fuel, meals, and lodging (unless special circumstances occur). Not to mention, all breeding tools & supplies (glove, lube, etc.) are my side of responsibility.

Area: Anywhere in Montana* (*extra fuel cost is charged for places over 100 miles one way from Livingston.) 

For Synch protocols, please refer "Estrous Synchronization Protocols" page. My billing in nothing but ARM. Although we will discuss situations and costs in advance, my arm-fee is $10/cow for the herd of 100 cows or less, $8/cow for the herd of more than 100 cows. For a single-day Timed AI program, $6/cow.
On the day of breeding, I will definitely be involved in heat detection, gate-works, chute-works, etc. along the way. These prices include those labors of mine. 

     Semen: I primarily deal with Select Sires and their semen. I may deliver on behalf of Select Rep but I will NOT make commission out of it!! However, if you have your own or favorite bulls/semen (from other studs) to be used, that will be no problem with me.

     Hormones (Drugs): Such as CIDRMGAPGF, and GnRH are purchased from veterinarians or local pharmaceutical representatives. I will find out the least expensive route and WON’T make a commission out of it!

     Day-Work related Synch Programs: $150/day (myself) for CIDR in/out and hormone injections. Although I will guide you how to apply in advance, I will be available if you need my supervision.
     Extra Hands: If none of you at your ranch is available to work with me, I have to bring personnel(s) I rely on.  $100~150/day/person and $200/day/horse-rider (with own horse).
     Extra Fuel: Please refer "Covering Area" page for more details. Destinations longer than 120-mile & 2-hour one way from Livingston, $50 will be charged. If it’s further than that and I’m still needed, we will discuss days, fuel, and lodge.
     Heat Detection Aids: KAMAR or ESTROTECT. These are very helpful but can be omitted by intensity of heat detection (number of crews available and duration we put).

     Breeding Box: Your regular working chute (hydraulic preferred) with enough crews will usually do for most of situations. However when we breed large groups, especially for Timed AI, Breeding Box does speed up procedures. Yet we need to consider if the Box can match your facility. I have contacts that I can lease Box from. In that case, lease and delivery will be charged.

Backyard cows: Fuel cost with IRA mileage rate (e.g., $0.50/mile) + $20/cow (+ semen + hormones/drugs as needed)
        Availability: This size of job can be done any time of the year. However, when I’m busy with other breeding and guiding, I may simply not be able to make to your places.

      Dairy Farms Relief Service: $200/day in & around Bozeman & Livingston.  For further destinations or extremely large herds, extra fee will be charged.
       Availability: November, December, January, February, March. I can arrange for other months of the year however I tend to be busy with ranch breeding and guiding.

      AI Training: If you are willing to learn how to AI and other important skills & knowledge, I’d love to share with you. Choose friendly bunch from your cows and we’ll work at your facility. $50/hour

I will consider job offers from other breeding operations (semen providers, semen sales personnel, breeders like myself, and so on). I will accept the offer after completion of contract = agreement of schedules, payment, and such. Please refer "Booking & Cancellation Policy" Page. 
        Availability: Probably all professionals in the industry are busy during the same period. That's why we need to discuss and agree to terms. We may work together and for each other's operation.

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