Education, Experience, & Reference

B.S. in Agriculture: Tokyo University of Ag & Tech

M.S. in Animal Science, Reproductive Physiology & Beef Cattle Genetics: Montana State University - Bozeman
M.S. Thesis: "Economic Evaluation of Estrous Synchronization Programs on Northern Range Cow-Calf Operations"

Been breeding someone's cows since 2003. Been in so-called "semen industry" since 2005, so I know both good and bad stories about it. I have accumulated extended knowledge and experience in both beef and dairy industry. Also I have lived in Montana, Nevada, California, Washington and have bred cows in Wyoming, South Dakota, Oregon, and Kansas. I have worked with various characters of people in different ethnicity. So I'm very adaptable to each place and situation. Then I'm a fly-fishing guide in the most popular area in Montana, if not the world. I work with more kinds of various people. I'm very patient and professional in any occasions with all kinds of characters.

Recently I'm not a cowboy per se but I'm heck of a breeder for sure. If someone asks "are you fast?" or "how fast can you breed?", well, I'm fast. However, reminding you, AI is not a race. Accuracy and consistency are far more important than speed. Indeed, breeders who concern duration of AI are not "fast" or nowhere close to my experience. I can give you my words and you will find out when you happen to thaw semen for me.

Most of people who have worked with me would say good things about me and my skills.

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