Covering Area

As "Master Breeder in Montana", I'd like to offer my services anywhere in Montana. This statement will hold true as long as I'm in business. However, considering all the practical matters (driving distance, fuel costs, duration of driving from one place to next in the middle of breeding season, and so on), I decided to "draw the line". This means to show my customers the area I can visit without extra fuel cost. From Livingston (or Bozeman if that sounds easy for you), 2-hour & 120-mile radius covers some of biggest cattle counties in the state. I have calculated my trip costs would be reasonable and driving distance & time is very predictable. I'd like to focus here mainly without charging extra fuel costs or losing tracks of my time and distance. This idea should work for each party, I believe.
Again & Again PLEASE DON'T misunderstand!! This doesn't mean that I'm limiting my services only here!! For example, I'd love to drive and breed your cows in Missoula or Havre or even Miles City. However to visit those places, extra fuel cost needs be charged (Base is $50). Without this extra charge, there's a possibility that I would be spending half of my hard-earning breeding wage only for trips (without eating & lodging)!!
This is simply due to Montana is the vast country, which we are proud of!!
See you along dirt roads or roadhouse cafes!!

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