Monday, March 25, 2013

Reds around Manhattan

Mater Breeder's bull-sale visit schedule is coming to the end for the season. Last week and today, I visited Red Angus auctions at ranches around Manhattan, MT.

Tuesday, 19th, I visited Green Mountain Red Angus in Logan (next small town from Manhattan). I was at probably the best seat for both checking bulls and, well, bids!!

Thursday 21st, Klompien Red Angus held their first ever sale in a feedlot, just south from Manhattan.
Today, 25th, I visited Feddes & C-T Red Angus Ranches Joint Sales. This is the biggest Red sales around here along with registered and commercial heifers. Manhattan could be considered just a suburb of Bozeman nowadays, but as you can see, it's quite a cow-country!!

I'm getting used to auctions with videos (without bulls actually running in & out).

This is pretty much the last sales in my area where I mainly conduct my business. Since my first visit at Felton Angus sale, all sales have been fun to be around and meaningful to meet good people. I am always learning and catching up with industry. Bull sales are places to hear real voices of ranchers (both seedstock and commercial).
I might see some of these ranchers along the way, more precisely, along "gravel roads"!! and would like to help out anything about reproduction.
Good Luck Breedin'!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Different Coats

Master Breeder's bull sale visit continues. March is also a very busy months for sellers and bidders!! Not to mention auctioneers and sales reps are also running around the state!!
Montana is definitely a "Black" dominant state. I mean Angus is the most popular breed for both seedstock and commercial ranchers. There are some more major Angus sales on the way. But also, as a Master Breeder, I'd like to work with any breeds of cattle. After all, our objective is to produce best quality beef.

Last Saturday, I paid a visit to Strawberry Ridge Red Angus Ranch in just south of Livingston. Ranch is located in a very beautiful set-up. Those "Red Boys" were getting ready for their big day!!

Today, I drove to Willow Creek, MT for Copper Hereford Ranch 47th Annual Production Sale. Probably no explanations needed among Hereford world, Copper Ranch is the most famous for their genetics and history (genetical history or historical genetics??) in Montana, if not in the entire US. To be honest, bidding went beyond my imagination.....................

Yearling heifer sale was even more surprising to me!! As you can see in these two pictures, sales rep in front of me was very energetic. He's Jay George from Tri State Livestock News. I have found his own article about last year's Cooper sale so take a look.

I will be running around and visiting some more bull sales across Montana this month!!
See you at the end of dirt roads!!