Thursday, February 28, 2013

Show My Business

My trips to local bull sales continue. It's been great. Every ranch has been offering best of their bulls and welcoming visitors with Montana hospitality.

I have come to know and greet auctioneers, sales representatives, and, not to mention, local ranchers. Without any effort, I stand out!? Then I was thinking of an idea......... Since I've been visiting as my business purposes, I have come to need "uniform" to express myself and my business. I talked to a local embroider shop. I wish I could have the logo done but I didn't have time. Yet, I'm really happy with what was done.
My Wrangler jacket has been embroidered on both chest and back.

On my favorite vest too!!

If you find me somewhere at bull sales or whenever I'm wearing this, now you don't have to wonder "Who's this Japanese cowboy? and what's he doing?"

Probably I should have ear-tags on both ears, like bulls, with my phone-numbers and email address?
See you along the trail!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Season for Bull Sales

It's about time of the year. First, calving. In typical "spring calving" management ranches, probably first-time heifers are laying their first ever babies on the ground (snow or straw). Ranchers and cowboys are experiencing some of the busiest times of the year!! (I was there!!) Then, it's also a season for bull sales. Ranchers look for new bulls for upcoming breeding season. As a Master Breeder, this is a great opportunity not only to meet people but also to see what kind of genetics, blood-lines, etc., etc., ranchers around me are looking for. I started to visit bull sales around me found in each breed associations website. Around here, Angus is definitely popular. Schedules are at American and Montana Angus Associations' websites.

Yesterday, February 11th, I visited Felton Angus Ranch, just a short drive from Livingston, in Springdale, MT. I was at Montana State Animal Science about the same time with manager Jim. It's been quite a while that I saw him!!!! With Roger Jacobs as an auctioneer, they sold over 200 bulls and a set of bred-cows. It was really fun to be there.

Joint horse sales with LD Ranch was also fun to watch. I'm strongly attracted to dark-black horse!!

No, he wasn't for sale!!

 Today, February 12th, I visited Fairview Ranch in Big Timber, MT. It's a great cow-country to drive around.
Lots of local ranchers were bidding on elite bulls!!

I really had fun at both ranches. I'm going to analyze why some bulls were so popular and bid for such grand prices. Genetics, blood-lines, ranchers' interests & tendencies, etc., etc....... As a Master Breeder, it's also fun to consider those factors!! That will help me when I choose AI bulls for breeding projects for each ranch or ranchers' needs. I will be visiting more sales around here till April!! See you along the way!!