Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Page & New Infomation

I've been shaping up my business schedule as we entered a new year.
I just added a new Page (= tab) on top, "Covering Area". Please refer for more details. Consequently I made a little update on "Services & Rates" as well.
I decided to "draw the line" for the area I can cover during breeding season (by mainly one-man operation). With practicality in mind (fuel cost, driving distance & duration, one ranch to next, and so forth), this is the area I can cover and focus from Livingston.
Keyword is: 2-hour & 120-mile one way from Livingston.
Within this area, my trip cost would be reasonable and my driving (arrival and other schedules) is very predictable.

I believe setting area like this will be fair and clear for each party. Destinations out of this area require extra fuel cost. Also the longer the distance, the more possibility that I may face unpredictable events along the way (such as constructions, sudden road/weather condition changes, etc.), that delay my arrival.
See you along dirt-roads and roadhouse cafes!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

MAGIE - Great Falls

MAGIE = Montana Agriculture & Industrial Expo
As an Owner-CEO-Breeder of this operation, I decided to drive 3-hour one-way to visit another big Ag related trade show in Montana. It was big! Lots of people visited and enjoyed each vendor's booth!!

Outside, those large equipment that couldn't get inside were displayed. This facility reminds me of my jobs in South Dakota and crews there........

Since I don't come this way just for sightseeing (something not related to fly-fishing and cattle breeding, I mean!!), I might as well dropped by C.M. Russell Museum.  It's been 12 YEARS since I last visited!! Mr. Russell is the history & pride of Montana in my opinion.
 Inside, photographs are prohibited so I snapped outside.

 Here's the new addition to my shotgrass collection!!

I hear some ranches have just started calving!! Breeding season = spring seems right there! I'd better get ready!
Like Stockgrowers Meeting, MAGIE will be my annual visit!! See you out there!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Page! - Why Synch?

I just created a new page. Select Sires provided me a great summary for long-time discussion. In a way, it's a good summary of my "200-page" long Masters' Thesis too!!
Some of you who dropped my booth at Stockgrowers' Trade Show might have picked up one of them too. Besides this post, you can click and read from new page-tab above.
If you need more detailed information and think about applying on your herd, just ask Master Breeder!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Remembrance

Happy New Year for 2013!!
I didn't have time for 2012 review/summary for breeding last month. One & Only big job I had was what I call "Kansas Job". Sometime in early June, I got a text from Select Sires rep Tim. "About 1200 heifers to breed in a day for 12 days". "Are you in?" Something like that.............."Yeah I'm in. Where at?".................On the night of June 19th, I was on the way to Garden City, KS, 1,000 miles one way from Livingston!!

Morning of June 20th. Somewhere in Wyoming and I was driving southward. Sun was up from East.... 
Tim assembled a crew of highly skilled & experienced breeders. We started with 5 breeders so you can do the math "how many head per breeder"........ First two or three days went OK enough but with some "learning" & "adjustment", things went much smoother later on. More crews came as days went by so we could rotate breeding-thawing-break.

We tried to get done before it became like this......
My thumb of "breeding hand" started to show some "change" in the middle......
It took until last fall to clean up! (it didn't really hurt though.)
Once in a while when a heifer didn't cooperate or facility went malfunctioning,
crews used age-old man-handling restraints!!
Team photo - scanned from SELECT SIRES - BEEF 2013 Calender.

Due to my guiding schedule in July, I had to leave on 29th after breeding = total 9 days. In those 9 days, I bred more than I usually do in a regular season.
It was an epic experience. This must be THE biggest breeding project in US!! At least one of. Then I don't know and I can't imagine if anyone/any crews can make this happen!? Not just Tim's crews but also people at feedlot worked very hard to keep everything flowing smoothly. I'm proud of myself to be in the team.

Sounds like we did good jobs for what I heard later on. If I will ever be called again, I'll be there.
Hopefully 2013 will be another greater breeding year!