Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back 2013 - The 1st Year in Business

Merry (Late.....) Christmas!! & Happy New Year!!
Yes, it's been a while for me to work on this site. Not because I'm lazy but this is exactly due to the nature of "seasonal business".
From late June till the end of October, I was working as a fly-fishing guide around here in Livingston-Bozeman area. I didn't have any inquiries or jobs for "winter-breeding" this year. If it were to have been done in early December (calving planned in next September), I have to say, I'm glad I hadn't done!! We had SUPER cold days in early December!! I hope all of your cows were fed and got through the weather. Talking about the weather, I'd like to state my sincere condolences to the loss of "Atlas" Storm in South Dakota.  It was very devastating. South Dakota is one of the biggest beef-producing states and I have bred numbers of cows in the area. I hope ranches will recover in the near future. In middle of December, I visited Montana Stockgrowers Association Annual Tradeshow in Billings, MT. But I didn't run a booth this year.

So how was my business and what do I feel for the first year with my own operation?
I'd like to say it's been good and I enjoyed it!!
I didn't make "gazillions" of income but all the process from last year this time till this June was very meaningful. Yes, I'm working on someone's cows and my job is to get them pregnant. But, the most important factors are PEOPLE and INTERACTION. From bull-sale "pilgrimage" to actual breeding, I've met and talked with various people and been blessed to work with good people. Of course I want to develop some reputation for my expertise and experience, but the first and foremost, I want to belong to the community; cattle industry and as a person. In that regard, I have had the best start!!

As for myself, in a good way & to be honest, nothing really new to mention. I just conducted my routines and expertise as I have always done. How many jobs I would get is always a "guess-work". But my performance and knowledge shouldn't be a "guess-work" but a "sure-work". And those were proven to be right and gave me confidence and reassured that my operation is on the right track. Again this doesn't really surprise me considering all of my experience. But then again, I will never forget my clients who gave me opportunities.

Although I'm only a part of it, I'm very proud of and happy with what I do in one of the best cow-countries in Montana (or entire US). Severe winter around here means big snow-packs. This may be a cure for the drought of past two seasons. I hope all of your cows are happily fed and calves will be happy to come out to this world soon. I will start to visit bull-sales around here once the season starts. I will see you around!! Happy New Year!!

Monday, September 9, 2013


It's been a while for me to work on this site......., which means I'm getting some time off from my other profession; fly-fishing guide.
Soon I will get back to Master Breeder and beef industry side (or work on guiding, tying flies, and all together simultaneously - this seems what would most likely to happen.......) but I haven't exactly planned schedules or things yet. There are some year-end conventions, trade-show, meetings, fall-female sales, some winter-breeding projects, etc............. Bottom-line; I will be around!!

THANK YOU for joining my Facebook page. My most favored & visited post was "EAT BEEF" sticker. I got the sticker at a booth during Montana Stockgrowers Annual Convention a couple of years ago. It's been successfully attached on my truck bumper since then.
Funniest thing is: my fishing clients and Yellowstone Park visitors (at parking lots) spot this bumper sticker and find it amusing and LOVE IT!! They take pictures, really!! I'm proud to be involved in Montana beef production!!

Several people have asked me where I had gotten and how they could get one. I wanted one myself for my drift-boat too!! I couldn't remember who or which organization was running the booth. Yet through some connections and leads at Facebook, I have learned stickers are from Montana Beef Council. Now I recall I was eating snacks and samples at their booth.......... I asked them to see if they can offer me extra stickers for my own use and so I can provide to my breeding customers and friends in production. They kindly sent me bundles!! Mighty THANKS for MBC!!
I have received other than "EAT BEEF", which would probably be more known in general public.
And here it is!!
I have successfully attached on my drift-boat as a proud beef cattle breeder in Montana!! And check out where "EAT BEEF" is attached as well. Of course I serve some great beef menu for lunches during guided fishing trips!! 100% Beef brats and my famous burgers, that I cook along rivers, are greatly favored and appreciated by my fishing clients too!!
I was given extra stickers so I can provide to my customers and friends. Let me know if you are interested in. I will deliver to you!!

That's all for now. Whenever I make plans and decisions, I keep you updated at here and Facebook. Enjoy the glorious fall, everyone!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

End of Spring Season 2013

As grass grow tall & green and as hay season has just begun, I'm closing my service for spring season. For next several months, I will pursue another seasonal profession of mine, which is also typical of Montana, a fly-fishing guide (http://leftyangler.blogspot.com).

Though I didn't find anything new inside of cows, running my own operation has been great yet quite new experience to me. I definitely call it GOOD FIRST SEASON in business!! Of course I didn't make Billions but I have a positive feeling and outlook for next season and beyond. My operation and I will grow. Master Breeder started much better than my first year guiding. Look how many days I guided in my first year!! & how have I been doing since my second year?

From now there might not be many updates at here and Facebook for next several months but that doesn't mean I'm forgetting about cows and AI. Not being involved with cows but fly-fishing doesn't mean I'm gone somewhere else or I become a totally different person (I wear different "work cloth" though!). It's THE Montana Life!! You will find me around Livingston anyway.
I will be back in cattle scenes probably in November. I may start to visit fall sales and annual conventions in the area. And I will be available for Winter breeding (= summer/fall calvers).

THANK all of you who worked with me during this season!! THANK all of readers at this site and Facebook!! We'll be in touch and see you along the dirt road!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Into June

My first year as Master Breeder keeps going on and gets into June, the busiest time for ranchers and their cows. I have received a breeding project with Felton Angus Ranch (www.feltonangus.com) in Springdale, MT, which is a small community just east of Livingston. Current owner/manger Jim and I went to Montana State University - Bozeman Animal Science just about the same time. I visited their bull sale in this February too. Felton Ranch is one of the oldest ranches around here and their Angus bulls are highly demanded by both purebred and commercial ranchers from local to all over US!! Mark a day on your calenders for Felton sale next year!!

I introduced myself to my co-workers/competitors at the ranch. Befriended(?) is THE Famous Wide Track 4401 (click HERD SIRES).

We planned and synchronized just right!!

 Jim and Remington were working on the front side while I was working on "the other end".

It was great pleasures to work with a local rancher (and a friend, of course). Working with nearby local ranches is one of my primary reasons that I decided to start Master Breeder.
My job is, put it simply, to visit ranches/farms and conduct artificial insemination on cows. However, without working together with people there, great jobs/best results won't be achieved. I really appreciate Felton crew and family for working with me. Hopefully someday soon heifers I worked on bulls I sired will be on Felton sales. I'd really like to develop good working relationship with local ranches. It will start from here!!

I have about 3 more weeks to run Master Breeder for the season. See you along the dirt road!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Master Breeder on The Job

Finally season has come. Breeding season 2013, the first season since Master Breeder establishment, has just started. I am getting several job lined up and several more inquiries on calender. Apparently the scariest matter when starting a new business is nothing but "if I can ever get clients"........ I guess I'm on right track!
I got the first job offered by Montana State University Animal Science, where my heart always belong!!(??) It's been a while, probably a decade!!, since last time I was there........ There are some changes and improvements. Apparently buildings/facilities names got changed..........

This is my Masterful set up of my tools!!

I've been going through a group of yearling heifers. They are responding to our synchronization!

ESTROTECT is one of most handy estrous detection aids in the market!
I know!! I take care all of you tomorrow morning!!

Air temperature seems cooler for this time of the year around here. Snow melts in mountains haven't really started yet. That means we should have enough irrigation water for summer months. Good for pastures and hay production. Besides, cold spell in late April definitely added extra moisture!!
Master Breeder will be traveling all through Montana till the end of June.
If you see this sticker on the bumper of White F-150, that must be me!!
See you along the dirt road!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Sale at Midland Bull Test

Today, I visited the last of the spring bull sale around here (for me), Midland Bull Test in Columbus, MT. Their reputations need not explained from me. I heard this year makes their memorial 50TH YEAR!! It's a 3-DAY sales for 8 breeds. WOW! Combining all, it would probably be the biggest sale event in Montana. Today, 5th, was the day for only Angus bulls, which is arguably the most dominant/popular breed in Montana. It was OVER 400 head!! No wonder there are lots of bidders and visitors all over the states. Also there are lots of ranchers (bull owners, I mean) from other states who had brought their bulls into this facility. That really explains Midland's reputations.

Their facility is just off from the town of Columbus. One can't miss the ROOF! (no signs needed!!)

It was cloudy and windy outside but..........sale was HOT!

Right after the sale started at 11AM, I could barely got a spot to watch the screen.

 I could barely take a look of auction ring.

As ranchers bid for what they wanted and left the seat, I could get in closer.
Finally I got a good seat!!

Whole crew was working very hard to keep bulls running. And whole event was very hospitable with their great foods and drinks (I greatly appreciated as now is off-season for both breeding and guiding.......). I could visit with lots of people and talked about our industry and production (my breeding business asides, of course).

Well, breeding season is just around the corner. I'd like to work as hard as these bulls I've been seeing at sales, or even harder!! I'd like to have some competitions against real bulls about speed and accuracy of breeding!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Reds around Manhattan

Mater Breeder's bull-sale visit schedule is coming to the end for the season. Last week and today, I visited Red Angus auctions at ranches around Manhattan, MT.

Tuesday, 19th, I visited Green Mountain Red Angus in Logan (next small town from Manhattan). I was at probably the best seat for both checking bulls and, well, bids!!

Thursday 21st, Klompien Red Angus held their first ever sale in a feedlot, just south from Manhattan.
Today, 25th, I visited Feddes & C-T Red Angus Ranches Joint Sales. This is the biggest Red sales around here along with registered and commercial heifers. Manhattan could be considered just a suburb of Bozeman nowadays, but as you can see, it's quite a cow-country!!

I'm getting used to auctions with videos (without bulls actually running in & out).

This is pretty much the last sales in my area where I mainly conduct my business. Since my first visit at Felton Angus sale, all sales have been fun to be around and meaningful to meet good people. I am always learning and catching up with industry. Bull sales are places to hear real voices of ranchers (both seedstock and commercial).
I might see some of these ranchers along the way, more precisely, along "gravel roads"!! and would like to help out anything about reproduction.
Good Luck Breedin'!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Different Coats

Master Breeder's bull sale visit continues. March is also a very busy months for sellers and bidders!! Not to mention auctioneers and sales reps are also running around the state!!
Montana is definitely a "Black" dominant state. I mean Angus is the most popular breed for both seedstock and commercial ranchers. There are some more major Angus sales on the way. But also, as a Master Breeder, I'd like to work with any breeds of cattle. After all, our objective is to produce best quality beef.

Last Saturday, I paid a visit to Strawberry Ridge Red Angus Ranch in just south of Livingston. Ranch is located in a very beautiful set-up. Those "Red Boys" were getting ready for their big day!!

Today, I drove to Willow Creek, MT for Copper Hereford Ranch 47th Annual Production Sale. Probably no explanations needed among Hereford world, Copper Ranch is the most famous for their genetics and history (genetical history or historical genetics??) in Montana, if not in the entire US. To be honest, bidding went beyond my imagination.....................

Yearling heifer sale was even more surprising to me!! As you can see in these two pictures, sales rep in front of me was very energetic. He's Jay George from Tri State Livestock News. I have found his own article about last year's Cooper sale so take a look.

I will be running around and visiting some more bull sales across Montana this month!!
See you at the end of dirt roads!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Show My Business

My trips to local bull sales continue. It's been great. Every ranch has been offering best of their bulls and welcoming visitors with Montana hospitality.

I have come to know and greet auctioneers, sales representatives, and, not to mention, local ranchers. Without any effort, I stand out!? Then I was thinking of an idea......... Since I've been visiting as my business purposes, I have come to need "uniform" to express myself and my business. I talked to a local embroider shop. I wish I could have the logo done but I didn't have time. Yet, I'm really happy with what was done.
My Wrangler jacket has been embroidered on both chest and back.

On my favorite vest too!!

If you find me somewhere at bull sales or whenever I'm wearing this, now you don't have to wonder "Who's this Japanese cowboy? and what's he doing?"

Probably I should have ear-tags on both ears, like bulls, with my phone-numbers and email address?
See you along the trail!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Season for Bull Sales

It's about time of the year. First, calving. In typical "spring calving" management ranches, probably first-time heifers are laying their first ever babies on the ground (snow or straw). Ranchers and cowboys are experiencing some of the busiest times of the year!! (I was there!!) Then, it's also a season for bull sales. Ranchers look for new bulls for upcoming breeding season. As a Master Breeder, this is a great opportunity not only to meet people but also to see what kind of genetics, blood-lines, etc., etc., ranchers around me are looking for. I started to visit bull sales around me found in each breed associations website. Around here, Angus is definitely popular. Schedules are at American and Montana Angus Associations' websites.

Yesterday, February 11th, I visited Felton Angus Ranch, just a short drive from Livingston, in Springdale, MT. I was at Montana State Animal Science about the same time with manager Jim. It's been quite a while that I saw him!!!! With Roger Jacobs as an auctioneer, they sold over 200 bulls and a set of bred-cows. It was really fun to be there.

Joint horse sales with LD Ranch was also fun to watch. I'm strongly attracted to dark-black horse!!

No, he wasn't for sale!!

 Today, February 12th, I visited Fairview Ranch in Big Timber, MT. It's a great cow-country to drive around.
Lots of local ranchers were bidding on elite bulls!!

I really had fun at both ranches. I'm going to analyze why some bulls were so popular and bid for such grand prices. Genetics, blood-lines, ranchers' interests & tendencies, etc., etc....... As a Master Breeder, it's also fun to consider those factors!! That will help me when I choose AI bulls for breeding projects for each ranch or ranchers' needs. I will be visiting more sales around here till April!! See you along the way!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Page & New Infomation

I've been shaping up my business schedule as we entered a new year.
I just added a new Page (= tab) on top, "Covering Area". Please refer for more details. Consequently I made a little update on "Services & Rates" as well.
I decided to "draw the line" for the area I can cover during breeding season (by mainly one-man operation). With practicality in mind (fuel cost, driving distance & duration, one ranch to next, and so forth), this is the area I can cover and focus from Livingston.
Keyword is: 2-hour & 120-mile one way from Livingston.
Within this area, my trip cost would be reasonable and my driving (arrival and other schedules) is very predictable.

I believe setting area like this will be fair and clear for each party. Destinations out of this area require extra fuel cost. Also the longer the distance, the more possibility that I may face unpredictable events along the way (such as constructions, sudden road/weather condition changes, etc.), that delay my arrival.
See you along dirt-roads and roadhouse cafes!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

MAGIE - Great Falls

MAGIE = Montana Agriculture & Industrial Expo
As an Owner-CEO-Breeder of this operation, I decided to drive 3-hour one-way to visit another big Ag related trade show in Montana. It was big! Lots of people visited and enjoyed each vendor's booth!!

Outside, those large equipment that couldn't get inside were displayed. This facility reminds me of my jobs in South Dakota and crews there........

Since I don't come this way just for sightseeing (something not related to fly-fishing and cattle breeding, I mean!!), I might as well dropped by C.M. Russell Museum.  It's been 12 YEARS since I last visited!! Mr. Russell is the history & pride of Montana in my opinion.
 Inside, photographs are prohibited so I snapped outside.

 Here's the new addition to my shotgrass collection!!

I hear some ranches have just started calving!! Breeding season = spring seems right there! I'd better get ready!
Like Stockgrowers Meeting, MAGIE will be my annual visit!! See you out there!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Page! - Why Synch?

I just created a new page. Select Sires provided me a great summary for long-time discussion. In a way, it's a good summary of my "200-page" long Masters' Thesis too!!
Some of you who dropped my booth at Stockgrowers' Trade Show might have picked up one of them too. Besides this post, you can click and read from new page-tab above.
If you need more detailed information and think about applying on your herd, just ask Master Breeder!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Remembrance

Happy New Year for 2013!!
I didn't have time for 2012 review/summary for breeding last month. One & Only big job I had was what I call "Kansas Job". Sometime in early June, I got a text from Select Sires rep Tim. "About 1200 heifers to breed in a day for 12 days". "Are you in?" Something like that.............."Yeah I'm in. Where at?".................On the night of June 19th, I was on the way to Garden City, KS, 1,000 miles one way from Livingston!!

Morning of June 20th. Somewhere in Wyoming and I was driving southward. Sun was up from East.... 
Tim assembled a crew of highly skilled & experienced breeders. We started with 5 breeders so you can do the math "how many head per breeder"........ First two or three days went OK enough but with some "learning" & "adjustment", things went much smoother later on. More crews came as days went by so we could rotate breeding-thawing-break.

We tried to get done before it became like this......
My thumb of "breeding hand" started to show some "change" in the middle......
It took until last fall to clean up! (it didn't really hurt though.)
Once in a while when a heifer didn't cooperate or facility went malfunctioning,
crews used age-old man-handling restraints!!
Team photo - scanned from SELECT SIRES - BEEF 2013 Calender.

Due to my guiding schedule in July, I had to leave on 29th after breeding = total 9 days. In those 9 days, I bred more than I usually do in a regular season.
It was an epic experience. This must be THE biggest breeding project in US!! At least one of. Then I don't know and I can't imagine if anyone/any crews can make this happen!? Not just Tim's crews but also people at feedlot worked very hard to keep everything flowing smoothly. I'm proud of myself to be in the team.

Sounds like we did good jobs for what I heard later on. If I will ever be called again, I'll be there.
Hopefully 2013 will be another greater breeding year!