Saturday, December 22, 2012

X'mas Present Surprise!!

I was going to post other stuffs later on but I received an unexpected X'mas present this morning!
During the trade show at Montana Stockgrowers Association Annual Convention, I did want to visit other vendors' booths too. During slow hours, I walked around, talked with some people, and introduced myself as well. I really appreciated some freebies and filled a couple of drawings for some sort of gifts. I do recall I filled one at Montana Red Angus Association's booth as I was passing. It was a drawing for a beautiful hard-bound book of the breed.
Quite a surprise!! According to the enclosed note, my name was drawn! I bet there were lots of people filled tickets. I can't remember if I had ever won this kind of stuff. Probably not that I remember..... I just browsed it quickly and it's really a beautiful book with wonderful pictures!
Thank you very much to MT Red Angus Assoc!
Merry X'mas to all creatures!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Trade Show Ending

As of typing this, all vendors are wrapping up their booths. It indeed came and went quick.

As any other businesses or experiences in life, this trade show is also "learning & observation". I did well for the first timer but also I noticed some improvements for future references. Well, at least beef-related people in Montana took certain notices on this Japanese cowboy/fly-fishing guide/fly-tyer. Over all event is very meaningful and I give myself A-........Cheers........

Thursday, December 13, 2012

MSGA Annual Convention & Trade Show Begun!!

This morning, I drove about two hours East to Billings. Montana Stockgrowers Association ( Annual Convention and Trade Show has just started. I'm a CEO, President, employee, and breeder for Montana's Master Breeder and I set up my booth. The debut of my business.........!!

A sneaky way to promote my other business.......Hey I've got an 8-foot table...........
Well, more people coming into the center, I'd better "talk"!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Brochures Ready!!

I just folded brochures for the convention. You can see basically the same materials in tabs above but I'm sure some people still appreciate paper version. Looks like just in 10 days, I will be in Billings!!

See you there!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Banner is Ready!!

Montana Stockgrowers Annual Convention is just around the corner!!
I'm getting things organized and ready for my booth. Banner is gracefully done!!
I chose this simple yet bold design. No colors or No drawings/pictures of cows and such.
I will see you at the Trade Show!!